— the mission —

Our mission is to work together to provide people with an experience that is elevated beyond the ordinary. We strive to provide an adaptable environment where employees, and guests alike, will create great memories, enjoy the moment and make anticipated plans. We achieve this mission by putting our employees first.

— concept & name —

“VIG” is short for the English slang word vigorish.
It represents the bookie’s or house’s cut on a bet.

The Vig Chicago is a 1950's themed sports parlor in the heart of Old Town with a refined kitchen and classic cocktails designed for the contemporary drinker. The concept centers around the playful story line that it’s good to be bad.  Inspiration is found in movies, sports and historical scenarios where we reluctantly connect with the bad guy. This concept is found in our architectural and design work as well as our food and drink menus. Every aspect of The VIG is designed around inspiring the lost art of conversation. We opened our doors October 2015 and have been serving great food and beverages that entice the palate and our space provides an atmosphere of a refined sports parlor. 

Hospitable. Lively. Stylish.